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Initial Steps, Sales Training Courses

You may have heard the saying “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Our initial steps in sales course will start your sales path or provide a refresher course to a slightly more experienced individual.


1 Day

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Course overview

This course offers a comprehensive overview of what sales is. What are the must do’s and pitfalls to avoid, to achieve results for all parties involved in the sale. This includes an introduction to Straight Forward Sales “Ripple” model, delivered in an easily understandable way.

Course highlights

  1. What is sales?
  2. Keys to being a successful sales person.
  3. Common mistakes made by sales people.
  4. Learning of sales cycle, sales process and how this impacts your company.
  5. Understanding your businesses sales cycle and how that suits your customer’s needs.
  6. How to prepare for a meeting and establish trust.
  7. The right questions to ask and when to ask them.
  8. How and when to use Features and Benefits.
  9. Closing on interest.
  10. How to follow up correctly.
polygon straight forward sales training shape
polygon straight forward sales training shape

Additional information

Welcome drinks and lunch included.

Having attended two of Straight Forward Sales courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their sales performance and understanding.

Jaydean Neal
Sales Manager


Unlike many training companies we are versatile in accommodating your needs and requirements. Our training doesn’t overcomplicate the messages your business wants to deliver. We have vast experience in working closely with SME’s and therefore understand what will help your business be successful.

Believe it or not, this is a question that has been asked more times than you can imagine. Everyone needs training support to help develop their careers; sales personnel are no different. Our talented people at Straight Forward Sales have a vast knowledge on how to sell into multiple industries using a variety of techniques and even they still do not know everything! Just because a person has experience doesn’t mean they can’t hone and improve their skills.

Trust is a big factor when engaging another company with the improvement of your salespeople, we are happy to sit down and identify areas that your current training is not addressing, also, you wouldn’t be asking this question if your training and ROI was where you want it to be.

Straight Forward Sales offers courses that are held in easily accessible venues, however we also have the ability to attend your facility to deliver our unique brand of sales training, whatever fits your business needs.

Straight Forward Sales have trainers from many different industries and backgrounds. As most skills are transferable, we will speak with you about your sales cycle, what your business needs and wants are and allocate the most appropriate trainer.

We provide sales training courses and business consultancy services to our clients. Our most popular courses and services are listed on our website. We also offer bespoke sales and leadership courses which are written especially for your business. Please use our ‘contact us’ link and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

We can arrange a venue closer to your business depending on the number of attendees. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with our partners for accommodation close to our venue – this is usually the most popular option on our longer courses.

We support this approach of training in-house; however, we can bring wider industry experience and skills to support you. We will take on board your business messages and work alongside your Senior Sales Leaders to write and deliver bespoke courses for your sales teams. By doing so we are confident of adding value to your own in-house courses. Another advantage of out-sourcing is that your Director/Manager time freed up for more strategic work.

A complete 360 degree look at your business. Depending on the package it can be anywhere from a health check to having one of our expert consultants come in and work with you for an agreed length of time. Please see our specialist service section.

The best way is to get in touch is by phone or email so we can discuss your needs and our services in more detail.

We have worked with sole traders and micro businesses and have always found ways to help and improve them, whether that is structured sales meeting training or looking at the costs of the business, everything is aimed at ultimately putting money back into your pocket

We are not a recruitment agency, but we can assist you in vetting CVs, selecting ideal candidates and help with interviewing them. Businesses often use a standard interview with every position they hire, rather than a specific role structured interview to hire a salesperson, our experts have conducted hundreds of interviews and know what makes a great salesperson. Although hiring is never an exact science, we can help save your business time and money.

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