The straightforward answers to 3 of the most asked questions by sales professionals

1. Question: “How can I close more deals?” Answer: “Simple, listen more than you talk, understand your customer’s needs, and offer them a solution that’s as irresistible as a puppy in a bowtie.” 2. Question: “What’s the secret to handling objections gracefully?” Answer: “Ah, objections – the spicy salsa of sales! Acknowledge, empathise, and then, […]

3 Traits all top salespeople share

sales person contemplating

Relentless Adaptability: The crème de la crème in sales are masters of adaptability. They stay ahead of market trends, technology, and customer needs, seamlessly shifting strategies like a chameleon at a disco. Whether it’s connecting with the common man or impressing CEOs, they tailor their approach. Unwavering Empathy: These sales aces have a heart of […]

3 don’ts of rapport building for field salespeople (there are many more!)

1. Don’t discuss the weather – Lazy salespeople do this when they haven’t done a background check on who they are meeting. Your prospects business, likes, or even a question on something you have noted on the way into their office will have a greater effect on your opening impression. 2. Don’t waffle about a […]

3 must do’s of an outbound B2B sales call

1. Preparation – Know who you are calling – asking basic generic questions will not get you to the person you want to reach. Know who you want to speak to and why. 2. Concentrate on the most important person on the call – The person you are speaking with initially (whether that be a […]