3 don’ts of rapport building for field salespeople (there are many more!)

1. Don’t discuss the weather – Lazy salespeople do this when they haven’t done a background check on who they are meeting. Your prospects business, likes, or even a question on something you have noted on the way into their office will have a greater effect on your opening impression.

2. Don’t waffle about a subject you do not know about or understand – This is an easy way to lose trust before you have even discussed or presented your product or service.
If you don’t understand a subject being talked about, ask your prospect to elaborate, be honest and say that you aren’t an expert. If for example they like paragliding and you do not know the first thing about it, then ask why they like this. By being honest you will gain more trust and appreciation from your prospect.

3. Be careful of name dropping – If you haven’t had a direct referral from the prospects friend or close co-worker then this can work against you as well as for you. For example, if the person you name drop is an ex-employee and your prospect had a poor relationship with that person then it is unlikely that they will trust you, or at the very minimum will be more suspicious of your product or service.

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